Monday, November 17, 2008

Kuih Bakar Berlauk

S$20 100pc

A kind of kueh that has some chilli and meat toppings .

Kek Lapis Ice Cream ( Layered ice cream-flavoured cake )

S$38 per tray 10x7 inches

An ice-cream flavoured layered cake which has different flavours such as strawberry , vanilla and etc.

Marble Cake

$15 per tray 8x8 inch

A cake with two flavours ; chocolate and vanilla , a favourite for kids .

Kueh Lapis Berempah

S$35 per tray 10x7 inches (Quite cheap u noe!)

A sweet tasting layered cake with a lil taste of spices .

Kueh Puteri Salat

S$12 per tray 10x10 inches .

A very nice tasting kueh with sweet and creamy pandan flavour with lightly salted gulutinous rice on the bottom.


Assalammualaikum/peace be upon you .

Thx 4 visting my webpage .

My passion in baking n cooking has led me to create this website!

I have received numerous orders on my advertised products for festive seasons and other small functions.

I hope this website will open up thousands of opportunity to receive orders for those interested in my product.

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Prices are all stated below the pictures of foods .

Thank You once again !


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